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Deputy Headmaster

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PostSubject: WELCOME TO HOGWARTS!   Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:25 am

So this is it! A fan forum for all the muggle fans of Harry Potter worldwide! I really like this site, especially this website is created by Pinoy HP webmaster. Smile Well, I'm supposed to give a short intro of magical me. As you see it in my username, I'm hogwarts201. The same hogwarts201 who is a big Harry Potter fan in uzzap. The one who requested for a POTTERWATCH room in Uzzap, but unfortunately Uzzap Administrator/s denied my request. However, my thirst for a decent chat with HP fanatics didn't end there in Uzzap when "they" denied my request for a room. I requested for a discussion forum/section to Uzzapmania (Uzzapworld, then) and the Admin granted my request. Hence, the POTTERWATCH section at UZZAPMANIA website was born because of my longing for a decent chat with true HP fans. Morever, I was so glad when I saw a post this evening at my FACEBOOK inbox, leaving a link here to this Discussion Chat, MAGICAL WORLD OF HARRY POTTER. Following the link, I saw this fascinating, well-structured FORUM. Congratulations to the Admin, whom I believe is also a Harry Potter fan.
I wish to make this Intro shorter, but my usual self can't really stop when thoughts filled in me. Hmm, well, to all HP fans out there, just relax and enjoy...You will know more of me, as we try to discuss everything from the WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER!!!
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PostSubject: Re: WELCOME TO HOGWARTS!   Fri Dec 10, 2010 10:50 am

thank you hogwarts201 for that info, i hope to know u more in this virtual friendship because we have one common interest in the wizarding world of harry potter. well, i am bellatrix, just a nickname of course, which ring a bell to one of the villains and most hated character in HP.

i assume we should not spread HATE here in this website, since this is just a fansite and we are just doing it for fun and to know more of HP.

hope also that we will be doing here is just a matter of exchange of opinions and not heated arguments when our brains will have its opposite direction. just pray that we will respect each other here.

thank you and Mabuhay ang mga nagmamahal kay Harry potter dito sa Pilipinas!!!
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