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 Ravenclaw - facts

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PostSubject: Ravenclaw - facts   Tue Dec 07, 2010 5:03 pm

Ravenclaw value wit,creativity, and wisdom. The house is symbolized by an eagle and the housecolours are blue and bronze. However the house colours are portrayed as blueand silver in the movies with a raven symbolizing the house, and the interiorof the house room is decorated with blue and gold. The house ghost is the GreyLady (HelenaRavenclaw, Rowena Ravenclaw's daughter). Important past and currentRavenclaws include LunaLovegood, Cho Chang,Roger Davies, Michael Corner, and Filius Flitwick. TheRavenclaw common room is located on a high tower. To enter, one must answer ariddle from a eagle door knocker such as "Where do vanished objectsgo?".
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Ravenclaw - facts
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