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PostSubject: FORUM POINT SYSTEM   Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:07 am

Our Forum Point System


How to give Reputation Points?

Simply click the (+) or (-) buttons on the upper right of a post or hit the "Thank You" button to give a Reputation point.

The Goal of Reputation Points

The purpose of this system is to promote quality discussion rather than quantity of posts. A good topic where everyone can experience a good flow of discussion will eventually receive enough Positive or (+) Reputation Points while Spam posts, trolls and unwanted threads can be buried down with enough Negative or (-) Reputation Points.

So if you find a certain topic or discussion good, feel free to give them a +1 by clicking the (+) to promote it. And on trolls or spam posts, a -1 by clicking (-) to bury it down or just click Report to get the attention of a member of the Community Team.


This point system is automatic everytime you post a topic (1 per message and 1 per subject) you will get a point.

You will see the points below your photo or avatar.

Happy posting and enjoy the discussions here.
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